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Special Purpose Vehicles

We have extensive experience providing SPV services to thousands of special purpose vehicles globally. From establishing an SPV to day-to-day SPV management and reporting, we optimise the corporate operations of sub-fund SPVs, allowing clients to focus on their core capabilities.

Global SPV management and administration services ranging from multi-domiciled sub-fund Special Purpose Vehicles to simple holding structures

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) play a vital role in the efficient operation of nearly all types of investment funds, whether compartmentalising finances, transferring risk or easing asset transfer. Sub-fund SPVs, including HoldCos, FinanceCos, LeaseCos and BidCos, all serve a specific purpose and must be set up expertly and diligently if they are to meet their goals. This can easily become complex, especially where several jurisdictions are involved.

As investment managers increasingly operate beyond their home territories, often with complex international investment structures, they must address new – and increasingly stringent – regulations. Stronger governance, increased oversight and more transparent reporting are some of the measures that form part of the tighter SPV regulatory framework.

SPV services from SPV set-up to SPV management and SPV liquidation

Once the SPV is set up, financed and investments made by the entity, the day-to-day SPV management and on-going servicing and reporting starts. For investment managers with an increasing number of SPVs as part of their global fund structure, this imposes a high volume of back-office work, taking time away from their core business.

At RKG Klozer Trust Ltd, we have extensive experience providing accounting, cash management and corporate services for SPVs, taking away the administrative burden for investment managers globally. We coordinate all activities linked to SPV operation.

SPV management governance services

  • SPV incorporation, capitalisation and ownership
  • Maintenance of SPV statutory books and records
  • Qualified directors
  • Company secretarial services
  • Registered office
  • Process agent/administrative agent
  • Management of post-transaction liquidation and winding up 

Financial reporting services

  • General ledger and bookkeeping
  • Statutory financial statements
  • Consolidated (interim) financial statements (FAS 166/167)
  • IFRS/local GAAP reporting and conversions
  • Investor and regulatory reporting
  • Supervision of external SPV audits
  • Local tax registration
  • CIT and VAT returns/filings
  • Transaction surveillance reporting
  • Shadow servicing
  • Verification Agent and Waterfall management
  • Asset and derivatives valuation
  • Preparation of PFIC statements
  • FATCA/CRS reporting
  • EMIR (TR) reporting

Trustee and other services

  • Security, note, bond, share, voting, successor and data trustee roles
  • Collateral agent
  • Noteholder representative
  • Data trustee/data agent
  • Back-up issuer administrator
  • Back-up cash manager
  • Replacement facilitator
  • Independent review party

Deploy RKG Klozer Trust Ltd’s full-service offering and lay firm foundations for your fund.

  • Start with the essential building blocks: administration, accounting, depositary, transfer agency and trustee services.
  • Continue with robust governance and reporting that stems from our mastery of regulatory detail in over 80 jurisdictions.
  • Enjoy a seamless global service, coordinated through a single contact, based near your operational teams in any of the major fund jurisdictions.
  • Rely on specialists who understand the spectrum of investment funds – mezzanine, debt fund and fund of funds among them – plus pooling vehicles covering real assets and commodities, REITs, private equity and real estate and infrastructure.
  • Work with a team that enjoys excellent relationships with leading independent law firms and tax consultants, collaborating efficiently and facilitating first-class advice worldwide.
  • Access our services 24 hours a day, regardless of where you are based.  

We make a complex world simple

RKG Klzoer Trust Ltd is the leading provider of administrative support services for international business expansion – organically or through M&A – and investment funds.

With close-knit teams of some 7,800 in-house experts – on the ground in over 80 locations – we are the only company worldwide to provide the combination of fiduciary, company secretarial, accounting and tax and HR and payroll services essential to the success of businesses investing, operating and expanding across multiple jurisdictions.

We know how to unlock access to some of the world’s most attractive markets – no matter how complex – swiftly, safely and efficiently.

That’s why over 60% of the Fortune Global 500 and FTSE 100 and almost half of the top 300 private equity firms use us.