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Audit & Tax

A flexible delivery model supports you as you grow while our consultants strip uncertainty from even the most daunting transformation. In short, when it comes to tackling complexity and risk in international accounting and tax compliance, we are your single, integrated, outsourced answer.

Scalable, integrated accounting services

To truly grasp every international business opportunity you need accounting and tax experts everywhere. Or you need us. Our seamless, best-practice accounting and tax processes are scalable enough to adapt easily to your business and flexible enough to mirror your growth. Dedicated consultancy services help you take major transformation projects in your stride. A global network of more than 120 wholly-owned offices serves you with consistency and rigour in all your markets.

A range of corporate audit & tax services

Tax certainty everywhere

Globalised fiscal scrutiny can turn a local compliance mistake into an international embarrassment, so scrupulous tax compliance, at home and abroad, is at the heart of everything we do. Our localised accounting technologies and teams of in-country experts help you purge cost, complexity and risk from cross-border compliance.

A single answer to all challenges

Or we can organise and manage your entire accounting and tax reporting activities, centrally and worldwide – turning fragmentation and uncertainty into integration and control, bringing local rigour and strategic clarity, and removing the uncertainty and risk from transformation and growth.