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Family Office

Family Office Services. A professional family office can provide its clients with a broad range of different services. On this page you find a list of family office services that can potentially be offered by a multi-family office, or which a single-family office can offer to its founding family.

Family Office Services. A professional family office can provide its clients with a broad range of different services. 

Many families consider a family office as a way to meet their financial needs, to provide greater control over their wealth and to handle their affairs. Since every family has its own unique set of requirements, there are as many types of family offices as there are families. Some provide basic administrative support while others oversee the management of investments and coordinate all of the family’s financial and lifestyle needs.

Once the family office is established, it is likely to serve multiple generations, across which there may be a range of different needs that require various wealth management strategies. A well-run family office successfully integrates these strategies to ensure that they support the goals of the family as a whole.

Considerations for creating a family office

Because of the growing complexity of managing, protecting and growing family wealth, family offices have evolved to address a range of challenges and needs:

  • Protecting family wealth — by ensuring the right structures are in place to comply with  relevant legislation and regulation requirements
  • Managing investment risk — by diversifying family wealth
  • Improving family cohesion and generational transition — by enabling debate and active communication within the family around goals, strategy and key decisions.
  • Clarifying governance over how the family stewards its wealth — by establishing proper processes and oversight to manage the assets
  • Managing the personal affairs of family members — by providing support around financial and lifestyle requirements