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Securitisation Services

We provide a broad range of services for administering and managing securitisations, covered bonds and structured finance transactions for different types of assets.

Specialised support for the ownership and administration of special purpose vehicles (SPVs) established for securitised transactions, together with Paying Agency, Cash Manager and Account Agent and Trustee services.


We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals helping you every step of the way. We also have a well-established network of international relation¬ships with the structured finance industry’s leading legal and taxation advisors.

Our services are tailored to meet our clients’ requirements. We specialise in providing services for:

  • incorporation of SPVs
  • paying Agency and Trustee
  • cash Manager and Account Agent
  • management and reporting
  • noteholder representation
  • governance services
  • provision of PFIC statements and related services
  • independent review and transaction surveillance

Guiding you through all steps in the securitisation process

Securitisation transactions are complex and collaboration is crucial – there is often a host of support service providers, spanning legal advisers, ratings agencies, asset managers and more.

The primary consideration is building a robust portfolio, developing a large and diverse enough asset pool to reach the capital markets. From that point, it then comes down to working through the necessary steps. These include establishing a SPV or other type of specialised entity that is going to hold these assets, developing a legal infrastructure to facilitate the issuance of the bond, appointing a Paying Agent, Trustee and Cash Manager and Account Agent and providing the necessary data to the ratings agencies to achieve that target rating you’re looking for.

RKG Klozer Trust Ltd can assist you in all these steps being one of the largest independent administrators of structured finance entities and providers of paying agency and trustee services in the world. Our dedicated teams are located in all key onshore and offshore locations.

Robust securitisation offering

The scope of our services is tailored to meet your specifications and expectations. We provide support for asset backed securitisation (ABS), mortgage backed securitisation (MBS) including residential (RMBS) and commercial (CMBS) mortgage assets. We also support on collateralised debt obligations (CDO), collateralised loan obligations (CLO). This support normally includes: 

  • SPV formation, nominal capitalisation and ownership
  • directorship services – provision of qualified, independent, in-house directors
  • corporate director services, where permitted
  • corporate secretarial services
  • provision of a registered office
  • provision of a named company secretary
  • maintenance of the SPV’s statutory books and records
  • board support services
  • filing of all returns and declarations required by local law
  • transaction accounting, including preparation of statutory accounts/financial statements
  • tax preparation and filing (VAT and corporate income tax)
  • circulation of tax residency certificates and certificates of no default
  • audit coordination
  • regulatory reporting
  • fulfilling all other administrative obligations under the transaction documentation, including opening and managing bank accounts
  • management of the post-transaction liquidation/winding up of company
  • provision of Paying Agency services
  • provision of Note Trustee services
  • provision of Cash Manager and Account Agent services

Why work with us?

RKG Klozer Trust Ltd’s securitisation services provide a number of advantages.

  • Expertise: as one of the largest providers of securitisation services globally, we have a pool of talented, experienced staff.
  • Flexibility: We provide a broad range of services to securitisation clients. We are flexible in terms of increasing or reducing the range of services offered according to our clients’ needs.
  • Single point of contact: we can provide access to an experienced individual to act as a single point of contact for our clients, and co-ordinate services with different TMF Group offices.
  • Independence: RKG Klozer trust Ltd is not tied to any financial institution, law, tax or accounting firm. Our independence guarantees that we always put the interest of our clients first.
  • Global Footprint: We have a global offering with presence in all the major financial hubs supported by an extensive footprint in over 80 countries.

What sets our securitisation services apart

Our securitisation services are comprehensive, flexible and can be modified as your needs evolve.

What sets us apart is our ability to offer the entire management process, providing a cost-effective alternative to the internal expenses related to organising, staffing, and monitoring securitisation activities. Our securitisation services offer you peace of mind, and give you the time to focus on your more strategic challenges. You can leave the day-to-day management to us.